5 Videos To Inspire The Boxer In You

Let's face it; Boxing looks scary. Lots of people have occasionally mentioned to me that they've always wanted to do it but don't find it in themselves to take up boxing.

Amongst the most common reasons I've heard for this, are some of the following:

  • I don't want to get hit

  • I'm the most Unco person in the world

  • I'm not looking to fight

  • I don't want to hit anybody

I always end up saying the same thing; Like in every other sport, you're always a beginner when you start, but boxing has a particular appeal to it when it comes to beginners: there's only 3 basic punches to learn and a whole lot of exercise to do, which translates to a very low barrier of entry and a fun and accessible learning curve.

Another of the most common reason people don't know how epic boxing for fitness is, is that most of the places offering boxing can prove to be quite intimidating. With sweaty, muscled-up dudes in rooms with heavy machines and weights, it can be a bit of a challenge for a beginner to feel confident, and so it takes lots of personal courage to wilfully overlook these things and just power through.

Luckily, group boxing fitness classes have popped up around parks and outdoor spaces and plenty of Personal Trainers are offering boxing-based exercise, which has served as a bridge between people seeking to get fit and a beautiful sport that works wonders as a physical and mental conditioning workout.

So for the ones out there thinking about whether you should follow your gut and give it a go or keep pushing your treadmill routine, here are five videos that show how boxing and people looking to challenge themselves, mix beautifully.

1. We Trained Like Boxers For A Month

The girls from BuzzFeedBlue went from regular lives and training routines to training like boxers for a month in a Boxing Studio in LA and this video covers their hilarious and inspiring journey.

2. Fitness Pros Try Boxing

A small group of athletes and fitness instructors from different disciplines like Crossfit and Spinning, show BuzzFeedVideo what it's like to do a small group Boxing Class and how it challenges what they know about Fitness.

3. Gigi Hadid Boxing Compilation

Gigi Hadid is one of the models pioneering in the boxing-for-fitness world. At this point, she is one of a growing number of models around the world taking up boxing as their preferred method of fitness training and her consistency can be clearly seen in this video. Enjoy!

4. My First Time Boxing

***TLDW: Skip to minute 11:00, a good sample of what group boxing classes look like.

5. Sweat Sessions With Shay Mitchell

There's something really empowering about a woman smashing pads hard and skilfully.

Love this video.

That's it folks.

Hope you enjoy the videos and if you're starting to build up the courage and getting motivated, have a look at our Timetables and remember you can always book online through our website or through the Mindbody mobile app.

For a bit extra motivation and the benefits of Boxing for fitness, you can visit our previous Blog post.

See you next time!

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