Boxing for Fitness

Boxing has been at the top of the fitness trends lists for years and it doesn't seem to be going away any time soon.

Why more people are choosing Boxing as their preferred training method for fitness

Boxing for fitness is a powerful workout that mixes resistance training with high intensity cardio bursts. This cohesive bond between the two puts your body in a higher metabolic state that burns calories for longer, even after you’ve finished your workout. Plus, as with every skill-based training, you are left feeling like you've actually achieved something, which is an advantage over other mindless, repetitive forms of exercise. So, if you're feeling uninspired by your millionth jog on the treadmill and seeking a new way to work out, you might want to put on your gloves and challenge yourself to a fast-paced, high-intensity sweat-n-punch fest.

Boxing is a total body workout that works out your entire body, leaves you in a high metabolic state and makes you strong and confident AF. Perhaps this is why many of the most famous models around the world choose boxing as their main form of fitness workout and are flocking to various boxing studios that are developing their own cult following. No, seriously, boxing is the new yoga.

Main difference with other types of fitness workouts

The main difference between boxing and your everyday workout is in the intensity. Boxing works around a higher intensity, anaerobic style of exercise which pushes your whole body to high levels of performance. Yes, it sounds challenging and for good reason, but once you get into a training routine your fitness levels start increasing drastically, even on a class-to-class basis.

Main benefits of Boxing for fitness

1. Awesome fun

Boxing classes are engaging, social and, due to boxing's quick effects on fat-loss and changes in body composition, it is highly motivational too. At the end of a fitness boxing session, we are most likely facing a bunch of exhausted but satisfied looking people who have boosted not only their physical fitness but also their self-esteem, knowing they’ve given it all they had by pushing their minds and bodies to new limits as a group, which works as collective encouragement.

2. Sustained metabolic rate & cardiovascular health

The high intensity of fitness boxing workouts keep working your body and burning calories long after you've finished your session. It also improves your cardiovascular health, keeping your system strong and preventing high blood pressure, heart disease and even strokes.

3. Strengthens your whole body, toughens you up!

The variety of drills and boxing conditioning exercises provides the right combination to strengthen your a whole range of muscle groups, bones and joints, which can increase bone density and help to prevent the development of debilitating diseases like osteoporosis later in life. Just from observation alone, you can see how Boxing classes are a total body workout. All the jumping, punching, twisting, crouching, crunches, burpees, rope skipping, get your whole body strong, toned and sharp.

4. Improved coordination and reflexes

Why should you care about hand-eye coordination? Two words: motor skills.

Good motor skills directly correlate to faster reflexes and reaction time, helping them stay sharp in every single aspect of your day-to-day life. More importantly, when you're consistently fine tuning your motor skills, you're doing your future self a favour by working against the normal coordination/balance decline associated with ageing, while staying sharp and focused improves and maintains brain health, which also declines with age.

5. Biggest stress reliever

According to an article on Byrdie, Boxing is scientifically proven to help reduce stress, tension and negative feelings of anxiety. Several studies have confirmed the positive effects that boxing has on our mood. One of them in particular, found that boxing programs significantly improved negative effects, produced positive engagement, and induced tranquility in both male and female participants. Participants also showed significant decreases in their tension-anxiety, depression-dejection, anger-hostility, and confusion scores, along with a significant increase in their vigor score. Bottom line is throwing punches improves negative psychological markers and enhances pleasant and relaxed feelings. It's like meditation, only louder, sweatier, more engaging, social and fun.

Here's Adriana Lima slaying on the skipping rope and doing some pad-work :)

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