How to wrap your hands for boxing

Learn how to wrap your hands to prevent injury, take care of your hands and increase power while punching.

First, let's start with the question I've been asked many times by people who are trying our boxing classes at our Byron Bay studio and haven't boxed before. They tend to panic when they see me walking towards them with these complicated looking contraptions on my hands and usually it goes something like this:

"That looks hard.. Do I have to?"

It always get a laugh out of me and the answer is always yes. The reason is also quite simple.

The purpose of hand wrapping is to protect a boxer's most relevant tool, his/her hands.

Our hands are actually quite fragile; they are made up of many small joints and small bones that could fracture from the impact of repeated punches, especially while applying proper technique and boxing movement mechanics that result in more power. Handwraps are there to hold everything tightly in place and provide support for your wrists, fingers, knuckles and the hand as a whole.

Common misconception

Handwraps are not for extra cushioning or the protection of your knuckles. Their purpose is NOT to cushion the impact; the size of your boxing gloves is in charge of that.

The purpose of wrapping up is to secure all your loose joints and moveable bones. You don't want them moving freely when your hand strikes the pads or the bag, this could result in injury, especially over time. The handwrap fastens everything together so the shock is better distributed across the entire hand and your joints and small bones are all held tightly and safely in place.

If wrapped properly, your hand tightens into a solid fist when you close it.

If your hands are loose when you punch, the small joints of your hand can collapse over each other and cause injury. You might not break a hand, but these painful small injuries can prevent you from doing everyday stuff like writing a blog post (?), holding or carrying things.

Bottom line; take care of your hands.

OK Let's do this

What you'll need:

  • 4.5mt handwraps for bigger hands

  • 3mt handrwaps for smaller hands

  • Patience

  • Practice

Please consider

Getting the tightness right takes a bit of practice, sometimes you wrap too tight and your fingers go numb and sometimes you wrap too lose and it gets all messy inside your gloves.

Best advice is to practice, practice, practice!

Step by step

Click on the images to see the instructions

There are several ways to wrap your hands and you may find another one that suits you better. This one is the one I found that works best for me after having tried a few tutorials and learning from other people.

Just remember, it can be frustrating to get it wrong and you may feel that it's too hard and that you'll be fine without them. It may even seem that you managed to get through your boxing class without feeling any pain, but don't underestimate the repeated wear-and-tear factor, it may have longer term consequences and it's always better safe than sorry.

That's all folks; keep practicing, taking care of yourselves, and stay tuned for more tips and tutorials on boxing, health, nutrition and fitness.

Until the next one,


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